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Aurelia stands at the forefront of autism education online. Our mission is to equip you with not just knowledge but practical skills and strategies that make a real difference.

Our courses are more than just lessons; they're pathways to understanding, empowering, and positively impacting the lives of autistic individuals. Backed by research and led by specialists, each course is an invitation to join a supportive community dedicated to making a meaningful change.


🌟 For Parents and Caregivers:

Dedicated to those who envision the brightest future for their children and are committed to making it a reality.

🌟 For Educators and Healthcare Professionals:

Tailored for those passionate about creating meaningful change and leaving a lasting impact in their fields.

🌟 For Advocates and Believers:

Ideal for anyone who holds the conviction that through understanding and timely intervention, we can transform lives

Learn from home

Across the globe, access to essential services and therapy is often limited. At Aurelia, we're breaking down these barriers. Our practical, user-friendly online courses are designed to bring vital autism-related information right to your fingertips. Wherever you are, whatever your environment, we ensure that empowering knowledge is just a click away.

Practical information

Our courses equip you to use the natural environment and everyday activities to assist in creating a supportive and accommodating environment while equipping the autistic individual with vital concepts and skills to lead a quality life.

You become the specialist

Our practical courses aim in providing knowledge, support, tools and resources that you can apply to create opportunities for learning without relying constantly on "expert opinions".


At Aurelia, our passion is to unlock the potential within every autistic individual.

Through our specialized online courses, we offer you the power to understand and positively impact the lives of those on the autism spectrum. Whether you're a parent seeking hands-on strategies for your child, a healthcare professional dedicated to providing exceptional care, or someone keen on delving into the complexities of autism spectrum disorder, your journey of enlightenment begins with Aurelia.

Tailored to meet you at your point of need, our courses blend practical wisdom with real-world application. They're not just about imparting knowledge; they're about empowering you to make an immediate and meaningful difference. With Aurelia, you're not just learning - you're participating in a life-changing experience.

We champion a strength-based approach that recognizes and amplifies the unique abilities of each autistic individual. We're not just educating - we're advocating for a world where autistic people are understood, valued, and supported to reach their fullest potential.

Hi, I’m Kristin!

As a passionate advocate for embracing neurodiversity, I've journeyed deep into the world of autism, from hands-on roles as a live-in therapist in diverse countries to shaping impactful programs as Head of Training and Development at Non-Profit Organisations in South Africa. Equipped with an Honours degree in Psychology, a Master's in Development Studies, and numerous specialist credentials, I bring over a decade of enriched experience to the table. These experiences solidified my belief: Knowledge, when shared rightly, has the power to transform lives.

The digital age we live in offers a solution: Online Learning. It’s about embarking on a journey of understanding, but on your terms. It’s available anytime, it’s updated, and it’s tailored. It puts YOU in the driver’s seat of the learning experience.

My mission? To empower caregivers, parents, educators, healthcare workers, and every individual involved in the journey of an autistic person, bridging knowledge gaps with comprehensive online training.